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Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (DoNM )



<Purpose of Study>
The continuing education program for Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine is composed of a series of professional training courses designed specifically for the continuous learning process of professionals in the healthcare industry and other professionals in the relevant fields. This program is planned and implemented by the Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, which is established by the American Naturopathic Medicine Association. The course content is built with the philosophy of naturopathic medicine as the framework, and conventional western medicine as the core value that, is enhanced with traditional Eastern medicine, while integrating relevant courses of a variety of mainstream complementary therapies. The objective is that the learners will be able to root the core values of preventive medicine deeply into their daily living or relevant work so as to carry forward the mission of holistic health care.

<Study Method>
1.Courses can be taken by utilizing 1-2 days of weekends each month to study without affecting job routines. Classes are given in small groups and are taught in Chinese.
2.Courses are appropriately designed with flexibility to suit a student’s background and needs, so that students may take full advantage of learning a variety of the professional healing functions and skills as offered by naturopathic medicine.
3.Courses are conducted with the use of industry trends seminars or clinical practice observations, making the learning experience more forward-looking.
4.Periodic thesis workshops and relevant professional visits and exchanges will be organized during the course period.

<Study Content>
1.A total of eight major fields are covered: An Overview of Oriental Medicine, Basic Western Medicine, Chinese Herbal Aromatherapy, Energy Medicine and Homeopathy, Nutrition and Medicinal Cuisine, Psychiatry and Medicine, Health Management and Preventive Medicine, Clinical Practice and Observation.
2.Thesis Writing: Thesis is to be written in English/Chinese(translated into English) with at least 20,000 words, using practiced case studies as the subject matter.
3.Thesis Review: Theses are reviewed by a review committee, and are published in the Journal of the American Naturopathic
Medical Association Conference.

<Study Period>
Starting immediately, applications for enrollment are accepted. Courses begin in October 2014 (enrollment for new students is accepted at any time).

<Potential Students>
1.Persons with medical or healthcare background, or
2.Persons working in the healing professions relating to naturopathic medicine, or
3.Persons interested in naturopathic medicine and healthcare
4.Persons with a Master’s degree (including medical school graduates) and at least two years of working experience, or persons with a bachelor degree and at least 8 eight years of working experience.

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