Dr. Benjamin Yang Dr. Benjamin Yang


Head of Honorary Chairman

Dr. Kuang Ming Yang Dr. Kuang Ming Yang


Dean of USANMI

Dr. Lily Wang Dr. Lily Wang


Pacific Rim Headquarters of USANMA 
關於美國自然醫學學會 www.usanma.org
美國自然醫學學會簡稱USANMA, 前身為Alternative Medical Services, 成立於1981年, 由舊金山ㄧ群中西醫醫師組成, 經歷幾次的組合與順應自然療法的發展趨勢, 於2009年, 依美國加州非營利組織(the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law)監督準則設立,依法完成註冊登記,以發展自然醫學,培育相關專業人才,推廣學術與應用為宗旨:


環太平洋總會:承接學會的宗旨精神外, 於自然醫學推廣上, 導入東方醫學的內涵及人文素養, 如中草藥, 經絡穴位養生, 推拿, 靜心等輔助療法, 建構屬於華人世界的自然醫學健康管理的先驅,並培養專業的健康照護人員服務社群, 為人類福祉貢獻ㄧ份心力。                                                                                                                                   



USANMA was formerly known as the Alternative Medicine Clinic Center. It was founded in 1981 by a group of physicians of Chinese and Western medicine in San Francisco. After a couple of assemblies and adaptation to the trend of naturopathic medicine, it was established and registered in 2009 in accordance with the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law. It aims to develop natural medicine, nurture relevant professionals and promote academic research and applications. Several committees have been established, including Expert Counseling Committee, Institute of Natural Medicine, Oriental Medicine Committee, Health Management Committee, Psychosomatic Medicine Committee, International Committee of Aromatherapy, Energy Medicine Committee, Iris Medicine Committee, and Periodicals and Professional Evaluation Committee. Our aims:

1. Promote the public’s recognition and need for the medical treatment outside of the mainstream medicine.
2. Protect the public from harm by establishing a certification system.
3. Consistently adhere to insistence of scientific support and introduce the research and training of basic application.
4. Expand health care system and integrate it with the traditional health care.

 Our Mission Satement 

USANMA is a nonprofit organization. Our purpose is to provide naturopathic medicine healthcare concept and service for international Conference and Professional Education. 

<The latest certificate notarization information>

Head of Honorary Chairman Dr. Benjamin Yang, L.Ac., O.M.D.  名譽主席長 楊自國教授

<Partial Government Services>
Member of National Advisory Council for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, NIH '02-'05 
Member of California State Industrial Medical Council, '00-'03
Chairperson of California State Acupuncture Board, '98
Member of San Francisco/Shanghai Sister City Committee, ’89-‘93
<Partial Other Credentials>
Head of Honorary Chairman of USANMA
Board Member of American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Member of Board of Regents for John F. Kennedy University, ’07-‘09
Secretary General for Dr. John B. Tsu Foundation
Honorary President Of United California Practitioners of Chinese Medicine
President of California Chinese Medicine Association, '95

現任: 美國白宮顧問祖炳民教授基金會主任秘書/美國自然醫學會名譽主席長/馬來西亞美里中醫師公會名譽顧問/台灣新北中醫師公會名譽顧問



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